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  • Description : The emergence of a higher institution succeeded with the opening of the Institute of Education Sciences ( ISCED) of Lubango in Huila Province by the Minister of Education . The University center of Uige was born in the University Agostinho Neto circuit. With the coming of the first directors ( Deans ) ISCED , was instituted in the province of Uige the process of Distance Learning . Therefore , the Province of Uige was awarded the appointment of a Coordinator . In Uige , the first students started in the academic year 1983 /84. Later , for reasons of lack of human resources ( teachers ) , material and financial , weakened this process . In August 1997 opened the UNIVERSITY CENTER Uige by His Excellency Minister of Education Dr. Burity da Silva Neto in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Serafim Cananito Ex - Governor Alexander , Professor Carlos Diakanmwa then Vice - Rector and Representative the Rectory of the UAN and look under professor Eduardo Augusto Kambua , former Dean of ISCED . In December 1997 , was begun the year with Academic Courses Psychology and Pedagogy .   The creation of a University in the VII th Academic Region is part of the political project of the Angolan government under the guidance of the President of the Republic , Engineer José Eduardo dos Santos , presented a proposal from the Secretariat of State for Higher Education . The University Kimpa VITA ( UNIKIVI ) , was established by Decree-Law No. 7/ 09 of 12 May 2009 approved by the Council of Ministers . With this new fact institutions then existing higher education were added in the provinces of Uige and Kwanza Norte.   The UNIKIVI is , under the Act and the Statutes , a legal person of public law , endowed with statutory, scientific , educational , administrative , financial and disciplinary , for the training of senior personnel in the various branches of knowledge .   The UNIKIVI guarantees freedom of scientific , technological and cultural creation, a perspective of respect and promotion of the human person , the community and the environment, ensuring the plurality and free expression of opinions , promotes the participation of all university bodies in ordinary academic life and provides methods for exercising democratic management of the direct election of representatives, as greater expression of that participation.   As part of its autonomy, UNIKIVI can perform common actions with other public or private, national or foreign.   The UNIKIVI , can by itself or through its organizational units , creating and participating in associations or companies or non-profit purposes, provided that their activities are in compliance with the statutory requirements .
  • Location : Rua Henrique Freitas N1, Bairro Popular Caixa Postal 77,Uíge